IGNITE Spotlight: Meet Your Fees
by Alena Blanes | February 1, 2018

Wait — our money goes where?

At the beginning of each year, you pay tuition money, but do you ever wonder what all of it goes towards? About 95% of it goes towards academic costs. But what about the other 5%, the non-academic fees? We sat down with IGNITE’s 2017-18 Vice President for North campus, Stokely Lindo, to find out and chat about all things student fees.

Stokely’s background in Business Management sparked his interest in educating students on where exactly their money is going. Through this campaign, he wanted to shed some light on a subject that many students aren’t well-informed about.

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The first thing we found out is that the student fees budget is set 2 years in advance. “This is something not many students are aware of,” shared Stokely. Before final numbers are agreed upon, they must go through both IGNITE executives and the Board of the Directors.

Being a student is tricky enough, that’s why we want to get straight to the point. Want to know where those pesky student fees are going? Let’s break it down!

A breakdown of Humber College student fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between academic and non-academic fees?

Academic Fees: Tuition money that is dependant on your program. This will vary for all students. IGNITE does not have control over these costs.

Non-Academic Fees: This includes fees paid to Athletics, IT, Library Services, IGNITE, Alumni, and more. These fees paid allow students access to many services for free on campus without having to pay-per-use. IGNITE does have a say in these costs.

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What kind of things do the fees that go to IGNITE cover?
The fees that go to IGNITE cover all sorts of things! This includes services such as Health & Dental, Sleep Lounge, Games Room; events like Frosh, Gala, and Frost; guest speakers like Arlene Dickinson, Charlamagne Tha God, and Hasan Minaj, and much more!

Do part-time and full-time students pay the same amount of student fees?
No. Both full-time and part-time students pay academic fees. Only full-time students pay non-academic fees, while part-time students can opt-in for certain services at an additional cost.

Do domestic and international students pay the same non-academic fees?

Yes. The amount paid by each student is the same regardless of whether they are domestic or international.

And there you have it. No hidden costs or complex jargon. Now you know where your money is going!

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