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by Miriam Mohamadi | March 7, 2018

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With IGNITE’s 2018 election around the corner, it’s time to get to know your candidates. The biggest position up for grabs is President. The IGNITE President manages the executive team, acts as the key spokesperson for IGNITE, plans advocacy initiatives, and more. The President will represent the entire Humber and Guelph-Humber student body and ultimately speak and act on your behalf.

It’s for this reason that it’s so important to vote in the IGNITE elections.

Meet your 2018 candidates running for President:

Allisa Lim

IGNITE VP Lakeshore, Allisa Lim

Why are you running for President?

When I look back on my position as VP for Lakeshore campus, it’s obvious my passion is to help students. I love talking and listening to students and sitting down with them to see how we can best help them. Running for President is a whole new world, where you’re the manager and your job is to support the VP’s with their projects. Being VP and working on projects such as the menstrual project, I learned key skills in developing and executing projects. I would love to bring what I’ve learned and guide new VP’s. I’m so excited to just guide them and give them everything that they need to be the best VP that they can be.

How are you planning to better all students’ lives on campus?

I think the best way is to think about what our priorities are as an organization and how they will best benefit students. For example, when we did our next level survey we went out to students and asked them what they were struggling with. Students said that they were struggling with their tuition, housing and more. When I look at this kind of data it makes me want to help and do something about it. It’s amazing that we’re given such a great platform as VP’s and President and able to make things happen.

Why are you the right person for the job?

I think my experience is a big reason for why I’m right for the job. My experience as VP has given me a great toolbox. When the next round of VP’s come in I can teach them what I learned and pass along my knowledge on contacts and on bringing projects to life. I’m also passionate about wanting to do something for students. Passion turns into motivation and that’s how you get things done. I think it’s such an important aspect for any candidate to have.

What’s something you want students to know about you?

If there’s something I want you to know about me it’s that I’d rather die doing something than die doing nothing. That goes into my everyday life. I want to help and empower people. My drive for wanting to help people is going to reflect on my actions as President.

Check out Allisa’s platform

Monica Khosla

Profile photo of Monica Khosla

Why are you running for President?

I really want to see a change on campus and to make big changes you need to have a higher position. I want to make certain changes that that are big enough to help more students. I’m confident I can make impactful changes.

How are you planning to better all students’ lives on campus?

By communicating with them. First, I would talk to as many groups of students as possible and gain a sense of what they need, what they already have and how we can improve on it. I want them to know that even if the changes are small if it makes a difference for you then it can make a difference for a lot of other people too.

Why are you the right person for the job?

I’m really outgoing but am also someone who does a lot more listening than talking, which I feel is important for this role. I’ve had experience in leadership positions and I’ve seen that people want results. I’ll make sure that all of my time is spent trying to help students. I want students to know that I’m there and will give up any free time to talk to them.

Right now, I work in the First Year Program (FYE) as a senior peer mentor. I get lots people coming up to me and saying that they always see me around. I love being on campus and talking to everyone and that wouldn’t change if I became President. It’s important that students don’t think that their President is authoritative or close-minded. I’m completely opposite of that. Overall, I’m very flexible, organized and open-minded and I believe that these are important qualities for the President to have. Whether it’s small or big I just want to help people.

What’s something you want students to know about you?

The one thing I would really like for students to know about me is that if you have a concern, an issue, or just want someone to talk to I won’t put you on the backburner. I will take time out of my day to meet with you one-on-one. I really am here for you guys.

Check out Monica’s platform.


*These interviews whave been lightly edited for length and clarity


Voting weeks runs from Monday, March 12th – Friday March 16th from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Voting booths will be set up throught your campus and will take only a few minutes of your time. So make sure you stop by and vote!

Here’s why you should care about the IGNITE election.

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