Meet your Board of Director Candidates
by Danya Elsayed | March 6, 2018

It’s that time of year again.

The 2018-2019 IGNITE elections are fully underway with nominees already campaigning for votes across campus. This year, we have 22 students running for the Board of Directors from the North, Lakeshore, and UofGH campuses.

The Board of Directors makes sure that IGNITE stays on track by adhering to its mission and values. This includes tackling budget concerns, strategic planning, and representing the student body.

To make things easier when deciding who you want to vote for, we’ve compiled a list of all BOD candidates. Check out the full list of candidates with their full platform here.

Profile photo of Md Asaduzzaman

Md Asaduzzaman | North

“I was a Chapter President of a student social organization during my undergraduate studies. I have passion as well as determination to serve the Humber student population by being a representative of IGNITE.”

Profile photo of Parth Amin

Parth Amin | North

“My skill sets are suitable for the requirements of Board of Director. Specifically, being approachable, accountable, and being able to manage finances through my experiences makes me an ideal candidate for this position.”


Profile photo of Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma | North

Rohit believes he is an ideal candidate because he follows the rules, has good communication skills, is trustworthy and flexible.

Profile photo of Shayan Shakil

Shayan Shakil | North

Shayan has previous Board of Director experience at IGNITE and has worked as a Peer Mentor and Student Ambassador at Humber’s Office of the Registrar. He considers himself a down to earth guy with excellent project management qualities.

Profile photo of Tashorna Simpson

Tashornna Simpson | North

Tashorna describes herself as a people person and loves to listen to the opinions of others. She is certified in Time Management, Social Responsibility, Civic Engagement, and Emotional Intelligence from Humber’s Leadership Certificate Program.

Profile photo of Ehinomen Idialu

Ehinomen Idialu | North

No platform available.

Profile photo of Gohar Shah

Gohar Shah | North

No platform available.

Profile photo of Amelie Savoie


Amelia Savoie | Guelph-Humber

Amelia wants to increase voter turnout at IGNITE elections to make sure students’ voices are heard. She has intensive leadership experience both on and off campus and has worked in multiple committees. She’s participated in numerous IGNITE general meetings and has an understanding of IGNITE’s constitution.

Profile photo of Kendrick Tran

Kendrick Tran | Guelph-Humber

“I think I am the ideal candidate because I am a friendly, approachable, and hard-working student who is open to all changes… Thus, if there is anything you want to see changed, I will work my hardest to advocate for it.”

Profile photo of Kevin Siery

Kevin Siery | Guelph-Humber

“Personally, I have a vision of not only improving the school in the present but to evaluate and grow the school for years to come.”
Profile photo of Michaela Wong

Michaela Wong | Guelph-Humber

“I want to be one of the voices of the Guelph-Humber student body.”

Profile photo of Raakave Gunasekaram

Raakave Gunasekaram | Guelph-Humber

“My goal is to actively obtain Guelph-Humber students’ feedback and act upon it to better their university experience.”

Saffiya Lulat | Guelph-Humber

Saffiya has experience working with people of diverse backgrounds and advocating for students in her high school. She was apart of the Toronto Youth in Policing Initiative and is able to solve problems effectively while listening to students’ concerns.


Niveedhika Ketheeswaranathan | Guelph-Humber

“I am not here to make unrealistic and unattainable promises. I am a dedicated and hard-working individual whose focus is making a positive impact at the University of Guelph-Humber.”

Profile photo of Nikki Sandhu

Nikki Sandhu | Guelph-Humber

No platform available.

Profile photo of Christian Semerjian


Christian Semerjian | Lakeshore

“I want to represent students and provide more diverse surveying techniques while encouraging more students to get involved with IGNITE and recognizing the benefits of being a part of the experience.”

Profile photo of Margarita Bader

Margarita Bader | Lakeshore

“I am passionate about student empowerment. I believe every student will have a successful journey at Humber with me leading the way for change.”

Profile photo of Mushfiq Mawla

Mushfiq Mawla | Lakeshore

“I plan on raising awareness, visibility, and accessibility for all the useful services and support resources available on campus for the students of Humber.”

Profile photo of Ostap Pavliuk

Ostap Pavliuk | Lakeshore

“As a candidate for Board of Directors, I am a responsible and active listener with essential organizational skills.”

Profile photo of Nisha Haroon

Nisha Haroon | Lakeshore

No platform available. 

Profile photo of Vincent Logut

Vincent Logut | Lakeshore

No platform available.

*Quotes have been edited for grammar and spelling.

Voting week is Monday, March 12 to Friday, March 16 at North, Lakeshore, and Guelph-Humber. Make sure to read the candidates’ full platform here, to decide who will best meet your needs.

Need a reason to vote? Here’s just a few!