Know your rights – Humber

by Jamie Brackpool

Do you know your rights? As a Humber student you have many rights and chances are you didn’t even know about most of them.

Our Know Your Rights page explains everything you need to know about your rights and responsibilities as a student, but we’ve pulled some of the most important highlights for you. Here are five things you’re entitled to as a student at Humber…

Scales of Justice

Tuition refunds

Did you know that if you withdraw from a course you have the right to a refund of tuition and ancillary fees? This applies if the course is dropped prior to the Last Day to Drop a Course for a Refund as listed in the Academic Calendar for each term.

Earning partial credits for failed courses

Additionally, as a Humber student you have the to opportunity to earn partial credits for a course that you failed if you have successfully passed all the evaluation components awarded through the course but didn’t receive a passing grade. This request is called a supplemental privilege and students must apply within 10 days from the end of the term.

Support person

If you find yourself making an appeal or representing yourself in a student right’s conflict, you have the right to a support person. This person is someone who offers support and guidance to a student when presenting their case.

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Academic concerns and appeals

Are you concerned about a mark you received? Think the grading was unfair? Well all Humber students are entitled to appeal the mark of any major assignment worth at least 20% of your final grade where it is believed there is a discrepancy of at least 10% between the grade earned and the grade believed to have been earned.

To make an appeal speak with your professor and/or program co-ordinator. Formal requests must be submitted to the Associate Dean of the School within 10 days of the end of term.

Faculty Evaluation

Do you feel as if your professor was unfair this semester? Perhaps you feel they weren’t fully prepared for class, or maybe you had a professor who stood out and exceeded your expectations and you want to let the school know. As a Humber student you have the right to participate in evaluating faculty teaching through student feedback questionnaires and focus groups.


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