Everything you need to know about your student benefit plan
by Raveena Maharaj | August 10, 2018

You’re covered for more thank you think.

As a full-time Humber or UofGH student, you are automatically enrolled in an insurance plan when you pay your tuition fees*.

The We Speak Student website outlines exactly what domestic and international students are covered for under each plan option.

If you’re a part-time student you can still choose to enroll in a plan. Give us a call at 416-675-5051, or drop by in-person at KX202 at the North campus or K Cottage at the Lakeshore Campus.

We’ve summarized some key information you need to know about your benefits plan, below:

Choosing the plan that’s right for you

IGNITE offers three unique plans that students can choose from. When you pay the health and dental fee, you’re automatically enrolled in the balanced plan – this provides basic coverage for most health and dental services.

If you think you’ll need different or additional coverage for either health or dental, you have an option to enroll in an enhanced drug or dental plan. Switching plans is done at the beginning of your school year (either fall, winter, or summer semesters) through the We Speak Student website. One thing to remember is that you can only change your plan once. It has to be done by the set deadline – the deadline for the Winter 2019 semester is Feb 15th at 4pm.

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How to create an e-profile

Using the IGNITE insurance plan is a breeze, but the first you’ll need to do is create an e-profile. In order to create your e-profile, you’ll need the group number and your certificate number. Once you have that, you can click on the e-profile tile found on the main page and follow the prompts. Now that you have a profile, you’re can easily submit claims and keep track of your coverage.


How to file a claim

Some places will charge your insurance directly, as long as you provide them with your benefit card. You can grab this from the IGNITE offices KX202 at the North campus and K cottage at the Lakeshore campus. Other places will need you to pay upfront. If you need to do that, don’t worry, filing a claim online is super easy (just make sure to keep your original receipt). Once you log into your account, you can go under the “My Claims” tab, follow the steps, and you’ll be reimbursed in no time!


This year, IGNITE will feature an option to opt-out of the drug portion of the plan for those students who are already covered by other insurance plans.  For more information on opting out, visit wespeakstudent.com

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Want more information? Check out our site or visit us in-person at KX202 at the North campus or K Cottage at the Lakeshore Campus.

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*Some exceptions apply. Not sure you’re enrolled? Visit the IGNITE office and we’ll help you find out.