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In Our Headphones: Vol. 7
by Ally Buso | January 10, 2019

Celebrate yourself this new year!

With the return of classes comes brand new bops for 2019. It’s time to listen to In Our Headphones: Vol. 7!

Every Monday we add 10 new songs to our Spotify playlist. The playlist will be curated from song suggestions we’ve received from students through Instagram (with a few IGNITE staff picks sprinkled in).

To start the new year on the right note, this week we asked students to send us their favourite self-love/body positive songs.

Here are the top 10 tracks for this week’s playlist:


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Good as Hell by Lizzo album cover

Good as Hell


(submitted by @tyra.sweet)

“Good as Hell” is the definition of positive vibes. This R&B anthem is one you will want to sing at the top of your lungs when you’re having a good day. This song is all about knowing your own beauty and self-worth, even when others don’t. While this song specifically refers to a breakup, the message can be applied universally to all those who would want to bring you down—just toss your hair, check your nails and move on!

Melissa Jefferson herself (stage name Lizzo), embraces body positivity in a multiple of aspects of her career. She has worked hard in the fight for plus-size representation by hiring all plus-size backup dancers, a group she coined her ‘Big Grrrls.’ Jefferson has also modelled the first plus-size fashion piece at FIT’s Future of Fashion installation.  She is also a fierce supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.



perfect to me by anne marie album cover


Anne Marie

(submitted by @_chris_teenie)

“Perfect” is another amazing body positive track about lovin’ yourself! Anne Marie sings about how it’s okay to not be like a runway model. The openness and realness of this song are felt through every line, as she describes each bad habit and self-doubt she experiences daily. The song is truly about embracing your flaws and owning them!

Anne Marie also adds a much-needed nod to the bi/pansexual community with the line, “and I’ll love who I want to love, ’cause this love is gender-free.” Anne Marie herself loosely identifies as bisexual although, as she told The Line of Best Fit, she doesn’t like labels; she simply “loves who she loves”.


Hey look ma, I made it by Panic! at the disco album cover art

Hey Look Ma, I Made it

 Panic! at the Disco

(submitted by @ghost_of_evan)

Panic! will always have a special place in my heart. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” is a powerful celebratory song about honouring your accomplishments, even if people seek to tear you down or try to dissuade you. Since reforming, Panic! At the Disco’s frontman, has more freedom to explore a wider range of musical sounds without compromise. This track blends together traditional elements of pop with brass accompaniment and synth.

1950 by king princess album art


King Princess

(submitted by @camrynjohnston)

“1950” is an ode to the LGBTQ+ community and the difficulties it faced historically. “1950” is a simple pop song with a slow steady beat. While not quite in the vein of self-love, I included it because it is important to never be ashamed of who you are or who you love. Fortunately, we are progressing to a point in society where LGBTQ+ folk don’t have to hide who they are anymore. It is important to never lose sight of the power in being yourself. And that is one of the ultimate forms of self-love.


love yourz by J. Cole album art

Love Yourz

J. Cole

(submitted by @santiagohelou)

This song is a really interesting take on the state of happiness. J Cole raps about how, despite his fame, fortune, and success, he misses his old life. He speaks to how being wealthy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In life, there will always be someone who has more than you. Someone with nicer clothes, a fancier car, or more money. The key to happiness is loving your situation no matter how dire because there is always something to be grateful for. 


video by India.Arie album art



(submitted by @thelustforluxe)

“Video” is another amazing self-love anthem. The song’s main message is that everything is exactly where it needs to be on our bodies. Nothing is wrong or out of place. For India.Arie, everything is exactly as “her creator” intended. India.Arie’s sultry voice exclaims that every piece of herself is unapologetically her. She’s a queen and no one can change that. This is definitely a message I can get behind!


Clean by Taylor Swift album art


Taylor Swift

(submitted by @allybuso)

Self-love can take many forms. For me, one of the ways you can honour yourself is by removing toxic behaviours from your life. That is what the song “Clean” is all about. The beauty in the struggle and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes from that journey. For Taylor, it was getting over a bad breakup that was haunting her. For me, it was self-harm and escaping an abusive relationship that was destroying me.

This song has touched the lives of so many people who have heard it. Reading the YouTube comments on this song, you will find dozens of people explaining how this song has helped them through the most difficult times in their lives.


Level Up by Ciara album cover

Level Up 


(submitted by @saltyy.samuel)

“Level Up” is a song about change. Changing from who you used to be and becoming someone better. Learning and moving forward from past mistakes. Growth and change are two incredibly powerful ways to love yourself. Every makes mistakes (cue that Hannah Montana song) and life takes us in crazy directions sometimes. Learning and growth are inevitable and it so meaningful to look back and realize how far we have come!


I feel it all by feist album art

I Feel it All


(submitted by @beatrizmc)

Feist crafts colourful imagery in “I Feel it All”. It is a cute and quirky song set to a happy upbeat melody. This song can mean many different things to different people. I interpreted it as leaving a relationship that has become toxically co-dependant: “I’ll be the one who’ll break my heart, I’ll be the one to hold a gun, I love you more.” There is real power in realizing a relationship is unhealthy for you and choosing to end it for your own sake.


Worth it by Fifth Harmony album art

Worth It 

Fifth Harmony

(submitted by @jazhermans)

“Worth It” is a song about maintaining your power during intimacy. This is a major struggle for many women today. This song is a powerful reminder that woman can have sexual power and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!


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