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IGNITE Spotlight: Sleep Lounge Success
by Neetika Chohan | January 12, 2017

Not getting a good night’s sleep? Feeling tired and worn out?

Perhaps coffee and energy drinks aren’t doing it for you? These issues are common among students, resulting from hectic schedules filled with school, jobs, social events, and responsibilities.

IGNITE’s student executives recognized this problem on campus and invested in the development of our sleep lounge. Our sleep lounges have been open since the Spring of 2016 and can be found at both the North and Lakeshore campuses. Since their launch, the responses have been extremely positive, as the number of users drastically increased between the Spring of 2016 and Fall of 2017, resulting in both lounges often filling to capacity. This success is not surprising when considering the amount of research and dedication the student executives placed into ensuring that a sleep space was a service students needed.

boy sleeping on the grass wearing sunglasses

The concept of a sleep space is not uncommon, as universities and colleges across the nation embrace ways to improve student wellness. TIME uncovered a publication in the Journal of Sleep that revealed how poorly sleep-deprived students were performing academically compared to peers receiving sufficient rest. Research by The National Sleep Foundation, recommends adults aged 18-25 receive 7-9 hours of sleep for optimum performance. With all this evidence, it’s not surprising that many students are taking the opportunity to nap between classes. Ammar Abdul-Raheem, VP Student Life-North/Guelph-Humber, says,”The sleep lounge arose from the need to have a place where students can go sleep safely, comfortably, and in a hygienic way.” This space provides privacy from the hustle and bustle of campus life, ensuring students feel comfortable and safe dozing off.

So if you haven’t yet, why should you check out IGNITE’s Sleep Lounge? To sum up, the top three reasons include, privacy, safety, and hygiene. Well and the fact that you probably need a nap, and there’s no better place for one!

The Sleep Lounge offers:

Privacy: The lounge is located in an enclosed room, designed solely for sleeping. Within the space, each sleep station is equipped with individual screens to isolate students from one another.

Safety: The room is locked and monitored regularly by an IGNITE staff member.

Hygiene: All beds are made from fake leather, which is easily disinfected with a Lysol wipe before and after use to ensure cleanliness.

Room divider at the IGNITE sleep lounge.

Since its launch, there has been a big increase in users of our sleep lounge between 2015 and 2016 at both campuses. North Campus increased by 295% since 2015, whilst Lakeshore rose by 118%. So why are students using the sleep lounge? When surveyed, students listed ‘lack of sleep’ and ‘fatigue’ as the top two reasons for napping, followed further behind by ‘exams or tests’ and lack of ‘energy or food.’ Ammar Abdul-Raheem, VP Student Life-North/Guelph-Humber says, “It’s so good that we are near capacity, it reveals how useful and needed the service is and perhaps it is something we need to invest in more.”

Find out more about your campus Sleep Lounge and start getting better sleep!

Sometimes sleeping can be hard when you’re stressed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to talk to someone, Student Lifeline is here for you.