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IGNITE Spotlight: GH IGNITE office
by Scott Hokkanen | March 6, 2017

Changes are coming to Guelph-Humber!

A new office space is on it’s way which will be open to use for all student leaders at Humber and Guelph-Humber and any students who aspire to become involved in their school.

The former Guelph-Humber Students Association (GHSA) office in GH-119 was originally only for students involved with the GHSA.

Before the IGNITE rebrand, the HSF and GHSA Presidents made an agreement with Guelph-Humber Vice Provost, John Walsh, that after the rebrand, an office space would be provided at the GH campus.

A picture of the construction of the new office beginning

The original purpose for the space was to provide a place for GH Academic Program Reps (APRs) to meet and work, but after the IGNITE rebrand it has been decided that the space will be opened up to allow students who are involved in any sort of student life organization to use the space to work on various student life related initiatives even if they are not employed by IGNITE.

ignite office at guelph humber

Students who are active on campus in Student Life such as people involved with Clubs or APRs, need a space to be able to meet with students. So John Walsh has agreed to allow IGNITE to designate a new space in front of the GH Cafe for student involvement and cooperation.

ignite office space in gh with seating

If you are involved in student life you will be able to utilize this space to do work, collaborate with other student leaders, and hold meetings with students.

If you are a student leader we encourage you to utilize the office to collaborate with other student leaders and make your initiatives come to fruition.

Let’s say you are not currently involved in student life, but want to get involved. You are welcome to come into the office and converse with the leaders who are using the space and figure out ways to get involved. The office will operate under an open door policy for students who want to make their school a better place!

ignite gh office with brown walls

Right now it looks plain, but we are planning to open it up and modernize it, making it more similar to the North Campus IGNITE office at KX-202.

We hope you take advantage of it!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with the new GH office space feel free to email Maja Jocson, VP Student Affairs: Guelph-Humber at