IGNITE by the numbers –
how it’s changed the lives of students this year
by Sulvey Polanco | March 8, 2019

IGNITE has and will continue to change lives

It’s been a rewarding year for IGNITE. As the student union, IGNITE tirelessly works to make the college/university experience for thousands of students brighter both on-and-off campus. Amidst the turmoils of the recent Ford government cuts, the resources, and services offered to students like YOU are greatly at risk.

It’s in your hands to ensure that we continue to do the good we always aim for. With the opt-out option becoming a reality, we’d like to remind you of all the initiatives that are at stake.

IGNITE has helped thousands of students with services within 3 categories:

  • Student Life
  • Personal Life
  • Future Life

Student Life

To help make life on campus more affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable.

As students, it’s important for us to have the best experience in college or university as possible. For many, the Students’ Choice Initiative affects us negatively in regards to OSAP grant cuts. To relieve the financial insecurity that many students unfortunately face, IGNITE has allocated over $400,000 in bursaries that have been granted to 550 students this past year. These bursaries have alleviated the financial related stress that hundreds of students have in regards to post-secondary, making their schooling much more comfortable. Not only this, but IGNITE has helped to make our student life a much more enjoyable one. Through the 44 social events that we have held nearly 4,000 students have attended to have fun, socialize with friends, and let out the school stress we all unfortunately have.

Girl protesting and holding sign that reads "Our education is not the place to make cuts"
credit: Toronto Star

Personal Life

To help improve your financial security, health, and wellness.

1 in 8 households in Canada suffer from food insecurity meaning thousands of students may be silently suffering from hunger without anybody knowing. For many, it’s unattainable to be able to have something to eat for every meal of the day. Through our Soupbar and the Feed it Forward initiative, we have served nearly 7,000 bowls of soups to students making it over $27,000 in savings. For people who can’t afford to buy lunch every day, the Soupbar is vital. IGNITE also helps students feel comfortable and cared for on-campus daily. By giving away complimentary menstrual products at Humber and UofGH, thousands of students no longer have to worry about an unexpected period visit. IGNITE has given away 33,00 menstrual kits to people who need them, normalizing the conversation and erasing the stigma. Instead of allowing those who get a period to remain embarrassed about it, IGNITE embraces that periods HAPPEN.

Man serving soup in bowls

To help expose you to experiences and people to enrich your life.

Post-secondary education is the time for students to enrich their lives through experiences they can use to gain skills. IGNITE is proud to offer over 54 clubs making it certain that you are sure to find something that suits your interests. This allows hundreds of students to interact with people of similar interests. This also allows students to gain skills that can help them possibly land their dream jobs one day. To further inspire students, IGNITE has hosted Real Talks events for Black History Month and International Women’s Day for over 300 students. By bringing in inspirational and positive role models for students to listen to for free, it gives the power to educate and empower so many people.

Matte Babel and Van Lathan discuss on stage at Real Talks

Future Life

Help you develop your personal and professional skills.

Speaking from experience, I can say IGNITE completely changed my life by giving me real-life working experience in a field that I am so passionate about. Through this, I’m able to contribute to the 120+ student-written articles that have been published onto the IGNITE website since September. IGNITE gives students valuable work experience from the comfort of their own campus making it tangible for students who live in residence to get an attainable job. IGNITE currently employs 79 part-time, student staff who get to reach their goals and grow every day through their rewarding jobs. This past election alone, there was 25 candidates for leadership roles and nearly 8,000 student voters. These elections give students the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions and be a voice for their student body. After all, nobody knows the struggles that students go through more than students do.

The 2018-19 IGNITE Executive team poses together in front of a building at Humber's Lakeshore campus

As you can see by the various things IGNITE has done this year alone. IGNITE continuously strives to make YOUR student life better in all areas.

No matter what, IGNITE is always working with the best interests of students in mind. From life-saving bursaries to insurance and fun events, we want to ensure the best student experience possible. We will continue to fight for your rights and your student experience.

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