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How are Humber and Guelph Humber students spending their holiday breaks?

The holiday break is almost upon us, and students are anxiously awaiting some well-deserved time off.

During the break, some will be focused on catching up on sleep after exams, and others will have filled their schedules with fun activities. We asked our Humber and Guelph-Humber students what they have planned.

Here’s what we found out:

Swati Mohan

Marketing Management, 1st year – Lakeshore
“I think I am going to stay at home, and walk around and explore new places. I am new to Canada so I just want to explore places.”

Poulomi Guha

Marketing Management, 1st year – Lakeshore
“My aunt is going to come back [to Canada]. She is in India right now but she stays in Scarborough, so I’m going to visit her for two weeks. She makes amazing turkey, so I’m going to eat turkey for the first time. I am also in Canada for the first time, so I will likely roam around with Swati and explore places.”

Swati and Poulomi sitting at a desk
Swati Mohan (left) and Poulomi Guha (right)


John Frangolin

Graphics and Packaging, 3rd year – Lakeshore
“I will be working on my portfolio, getting ready for co-op. I have some friends to catch up with, and I have Christmas to spend with my family.”


Paralegal, 1st year – North Campus
“Vacation to Jamaica!”

Harjaan Sivia

International Business, 2nd year – Lakeshore
“I’m probably just going to work and save up money. Maybe hang out with some friends, and do some Christmas things.”

Harjaan at a study table
Harjaan Sivia


Alexis Richards

Human Resources Management, 4th year – Lakeshore
“I will be working… working… yeah, working…”


Fashion Arts – North Campus
“Sleeping and visiting home!”

Dan Rivas

Public Administration, Post-Graduate – Lakeshore
“So for our program in Public Administration, there is a work placement at the end. So most likely I will just be emailing people, setting up information interview, trying to relax, and at the same time probably just working.”

Dan at a desk
Dan Rivas



Fashion Arts – North Campus
“Sleeping and visiting home, and maybe going out!”


Electronic Engineering, 1st year – North Campus
“Spending time with my loved ones as much as I can.”


Business Administration Accounting, 1st year – North Campus
“Partying, spending time with family, and sleeping.”

Take this time off to spend time with the ones you love and regenerate for a new year and semester. Whatever your plans may be, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday break. Let us know what you’re up to on Twitter! Stay tuned for lots of exciting events and activities in 2017!

Happy Holidays!