Guelph-Humber Raptors Game
by Kayzia Boilard | February 2, 2017

On Tuesday, January 31st, 100 Guelph-Humber students attended an exciting Toronto Raptors vs. New Orleans Pelicans game.

Students were able to purchase low-cost tickets from IGNITE and were transported to the Air Canada Centre from campus and back. The game was a nail-biter, but ultimately ended thanks to Kyle Lowry scoring with 4.3 seconds left in overtime. The final score was 108-106, and with that the Raptors won.

Check out what Guelph-Humber students had to say about their game experience:

Jonah Beker, Tye Dryden, Michael Preston, students

Jonah Beker, Tye Dryden, Michael Preston


Have you ever been to a Raptors game before?

Jonah: “I have.”

Tye: “No, this is my first time!”

Michael: “Yeah, I’ve been to six or seven games.”

How would you describe this experience provided by IGNITE?

Jonah: “Great experience! It’s not expensive and it’s a great way to hangout with friends at a Raptors game.”

Tye: “I think it’s a good experience for friends and getting members of the school together with common interests, it allows them to get together to do things outside of school.”

Michael: “It was pretty good! Considering we’re students with low budgets, IGNITE accommodated us and enabled us to go to a raptors game for a cheap price.”


Zoya and Monica, students

Zoya and Monica


Have you ever been to a Raptors game before?

Zoya: “No!”

Monica: “No!”

How would you describe this experience provided by IGNITE?

Zoya: “It was good! So fun! The tickets were cheap and we got transportation here.”

Monica: “Really good experience! It’s a fun activity to do outside of school. I really appreciate it!”
When asked why IGNITE did this for Guelph-Humber students, Maja Jocson, Vice President of Student Affairs for Guelph-Humber, said: “To make sure that Guelph-Humber students are also included in IGNITE. Prior to the rebrand from HSF to IGNITE, students from Guelph-Humber may not have always felt included. With IGNITE, we want to make sure that we focus on Guelph-Humber students as well. This event was very successful and we’d love to extend it to Humber students as well next time.”

We hope that everybody who attended the game had a great time! Keep up-to-date with what’s going on at IGNITE and we’ll see you at the next exciting event!

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Guelph-Humber students should attend the debate on Tuesday, February 8th about whether or not Guelph-Humber students should get a fall reading break.

And if your NBA 2K skills are a force to be reckoned with, come to our NBA 2K Tournament on Wednesday, February 15th at 12 p.m.. The tournament will be held at both the North Campus and Lakeshore Campus games rooms, and the first place prize is a pair of Raptors tickets!


*These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.