Campus Life
Executives tell students their favourite thing about the job
by Jamie Brackpool | January 26, 2017

If you haven’t already heard the news, it’s IGNITE election time.

It’s an opportunity for you to run for an executive or board position in your student union and help make a positive change to your campus.

But don’t just take my word for it; listen to what our current executives enjoy about their jobs:

Ammar Abdul-Raheem – Vice President, Student Life (North)

“In my position part of my strategic plan is to create leaders. That includes student leaders, volunteer and club leaders, and part-time and full-time staff leaders. There are so many people here who have so much potential, and I have the responsibility of helping them achieve it.”

“Mostly, my favourite thing is having the privilege and ability to develop myself and others. I have met so many amazing people, and talking to them has opened my eyes to the different worldviews on campus.”

Ammar leans on a wall while texting

Maja Jocson – Vice President, Student Affairs (Guelph-Humber)

“You meet with some very high profile people on a regular basis. Because of this position, I am on a first name basis with important members of Humber College and the University Guelph-Humber. These are people who will make great references in the future. Also, when I meet with them there is always great food!”

“You also have the opportunity to meet some amazing people within the IGNITE organization. I have learned so many things from the full-time and part-time staff.”

Maja walks across the bridge between Humber and Guelph-Humber

Jason Gool – Vice President, Student Life (Lakeshore)

“At Lakeshore there are already so many amazing people, and as a VP you have the opportunity to connect and meet with them. In this role you have the resources to make changes. One of the biggest things I wanted to change on campus was the opportunity for people to volunteer. I wanted to make it easier for students to become involved.”

“I have also learned so many things about Humber. The VP role shows you how the college, it’s departments, and the faculty operates behind the scene. For me, it’s the best job on campus.”

Jason is being held in the air while hyping the crowed up at Frosh

Lance Constantine – Vice President, Student Affairs (North)

“In addition to being a voice and representing a vast group of people, my job allows me to see students’ dreams come true. I meet so many people and watch their dreams become a reality.”

“More than anything, I love my job as an executive because I get to change lives every day and make an impact. I have the ability to leave a positive legacy that can out-do my time.”

Lance Constantine posing in front of the Lakeshore IGNITE building

Anna Bilan – Vice President, Student Affairs (Lakeshore)

“There is a new challenge every day, and I am constantly reinventing my job. You meet so many people who all have unique perspectives. This forces you to put yourselves in their shoes. Because so many people come to me for help I am constantly learning from them.”

Anna engages with a group of students on campus

Ahmed Tahir – President

“There are many things I love about being in a position that affects so many people. It’s really about putting yourself in an uncomfortable position to prepare yourself for the future. I have the ability to make the position my own and make a noticeable difference on campus.”

“The executive positions are vital to the school operations. It’s easy to ignore the elections and say it doesn’t really matter, but it does make a huge difference having a good person in charge. It’s not always easy to notice when someone if doing all the right things, but if you don’t take initiative in the way your student union is run, then it can’t effectively serve you.”

Ahmed Tahir, IGNITE President

If you are interested in running, here are five election tips to help you through the process. Pick up a nomination package today from the IGNITE offices at North of Lakeshore. Or print one off today.

*These quotes have been edited for length and clarity.