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Everything you need to know about the Aboriginal Resource Centre
by Ally Buso | January 24, 2019

Building a community with Indigenous perspectives

Moving away from home and starting post-secondary for the first time can be scary. This is especially true for students coming to campus from remote communities. The Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC) provides students from Indigenous backgrounds with resources to help ease the transition to campus life, and tools to succeed once they get here. The centre also provides information and programming for non-Indigenous students who want to learn more about Indigenous cultural perspectives.

Here’s a list of some of the programs and events that are hosted through the ARC:


ARC hours

Peer tutoring and shared computer space

The ARC (located on the 2nd floor of the LRC at North campus and in WEL 301 at Lakeshore) offers a large space for students to gather and work independently or collaboratively. There are free-to-use computers available in the space that students can access for as long as they need during operating hours. Peer tutoring is also available. Academic Counseling tailored to the individual needs of Aboriginal students can also be accessed at the centre. 


Elder services

Through the Aboriginal Resource Centre, students are able to book an appointment with the campus Elder. The Elder helps students access culturally relevant information in regards to a variety of issues they may be facing, this includes as personal, academic or spiritual concerns. For more information and to book an appointment, visit the Aboriginal Student Centre website.


Aboriginal woman smiles in the Humber student centre

Indigenous Students Association

The Association is a student-run club registered with IGNITE. They work together with the Aboriginal Resource Centre to help create programming to engage students with Indigenous perspectives. They run monthly events at both the North and Lakeshore campuses. Visit their Facebook page for more information. 



The ability to pay for school is a major obstacle often hindering students from attending post-secondary education. To help vulnerable students overcome this potential barrier, the ARC provides bursary and funding opportunities to Indigenous students.

Students also have the opportunity to apply for work-study positions within the ARC. This gives students the ability to get involved directly with the ARC while also making extra money to fund their education.–iBYvUtAZJIP10VVvYzPuTdR117ysu2kNMXanjZTtmpRTdMKZZdMGjkVJvJA_SYg14gOEcZR_Rh0b7jZHR_vhKleb9x6l0T9Dm6BqvMDd2KMP8iA4PASO&theater

Indigenous Knowledge Gathering 2019

The Indigenous Knowledge Gathering is the biggest event of the year for the Aboriginal Resource Centre. This annual three-day event brings together some of the most influential voices in the Indigenous community to speak on a series of topical issues. This year’s theme was Indigenous Knowledge and how it has been shaped and transcended through time. Keynote speakers for the event included Elder Jim Dumont, Sarain Fox, Karyn Recollet, and Dr. Jeff Corntassel. Day-one also included a live performance from Indigenous performer DJ Shub to end off the afternoon. 


Aboriginal instruments

Cultural Markers

Since much of our campus is built on Indigenous land, the ARC has created a number of cultural markers all around North and Lakeshore campuses to honour the footsteps travelled by our Indigenous brothers and sisters. These markers are a collaborative artistic effort meant to shed light on the unique history of peoples who historically inhabited the land. The project was designed and executed by an Indigenous-led team of architects and designers. The installations are based on historical Indigenous teachings and traditions such as The migration trail, the 7 fires of creation and the path of life. They are considered as a visual representation of this wisdom. For more information about the legacy behind these installations please visit their website.

For more information about the Aboriginal Resource Centre and their other programming please visit their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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