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Buying gifts for the person that has it all
by Kayzia Boilard | November 30, 2016

The holiday season is about coming together and spending time with the people you love.

However, it’s easy to get stressed out about gift shopping. This is especially true when it comes to buying a gift for that one person you know who literally seems to have everything. You know who they are.

To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of gift ideas for the person in your life who already has it all.


For the one who deserves some pampering:

A subscription box like ‘FabFitFun‘ is a great way to get someone a variety of great products. FabFitFun includes well-known beauty, fashion, and workout products that any woman will appreciate. The box is delivered four times per year, so this way your gift will literally keep on giving all year long! Plus – your box is always a surprise, so it’s a guarantee that she won’t have it all already!

And for a man who deserves pampering too, a subscription box like Dollar Shave Club might be a great idea.

Makeup on table, mascara brush


For the one who deserves a fun night out:

Tickets to a sporting event or concert are always a great idea. Whether this is for a significant other or sibling, if you know their interests, chances are that will either include a favourite sport or artist. If attending a sporting event is a little too pricey, concert tickets in the nose-bleeds are often pretty cheap. Even if you’re not exactly close to the artist or band, just being there and hearing them live is fun anyway! You’re gifting an unforgettable experience, so they’ll definitely be happy.

Sport event, field


For a mother:

Buying a gift for your mom can be very stressful since moms are basically multi-tasking superheroes and we owe them our lives. That’s why providing the gift of good quality skin care products is a great way to give back to her. It may not be giving life, but it is giving nice skin, and that counts for something. Try a gift set like the Indulge Yourself Routine from Kiehl’s. If your mom isn’t into skin care, take her to a cooking class with you or a show – she’ll love to spend some quality time.

Face cream on hand


For a father:

Let’s not forget about dads! If your dad is the ‘king of the grill’ type, then a barbecue set is a great way to go. Even if he already has all the tools he needs, a barbecue set that includes delicious sauces that he likely hasn’t tried yet will surely make him happy. And if he’s not exactly into barbecuing, picking up a nice grooming kit subscription box is always a great idea too!

Vegetables and meat on barbecue


For a grandparent:

Grandparents can be difficult to buy for, but chances are you know their interests. That means you know what topic they’d like to read about. Do some research on a the topic you think your grandpa or grandma would love to learn more about, and pick up the book at the nearest Chapters. Even better than that? Invite them out for a dinner or cook them a meal-they’ll appreciate the time and effort!

Glasses on open book


For pretty much anyone:

These days it’s safe to say that most people you know probably have a Netflix subscription. That’s why getting them a Netflix gift card is a great gift for the person that has everything. Gift cards are available at most large retailers in Canada. And if the person you’re buying for really isn’t into Netflix, you can’t go wrong with a nice wine, assorted chocolates, or specialty baked goods.

Television, movie selection, Gone Girl

We hope these ideas help you out in your search for holiday gifts. But don’t forget that the holidays are about giving, and it truly is the thought that counts. Still feeling cash strapped? Or stressed about more than just gift shopping these days and need someone to talk to? Check out IGNITE’s Student Lifeline.