Announcing our Dress for Success contest winner
by IGNITE | April 26, 2017

Congrats, Alexis Rutty!


Thank you to everyone for entering! We’ve received over 90 submissions in our Dress for Success contest this year and we’re so grateful to everyone for sharing their stories. Check out the winning submission, written by Alexis Rutty below.

As I’m sure IGNITE will have an abundance of applicants convincing the panel why they’re deserving, I’ve decided to make things a little easier by letting them know why I don’t need this amazing opportunity!

I’m graduating this year

Goodbye group presentations and Humber networking events. If I win now, where will I wear that new pencil skirt and fitted blazer? My closet is filled with 80% ripped jeans and cropped tops purchased in high school that I’m sure will do me solid for my interviews. The other 20% is filled with clothes that never seemed to fit after that freshman 15 I gained. Holding on to them is essential for that mental motivation I need around the time I make my New Year’s Resolution.

Another bonus to graduating is the large amount of disposable income I have after racking up 3 years’ worth of OSAP debt and making extra cash working bare minimum hours at McDonalds due to my school schedule!

I’m a minority

Getting into the business and technology industry as a woman is easy! We can see this when we walk into a Fortune-500 company and see the abundance of estrogen struggling to maintain itself in the board rooms. Or, from the comfort of your home, you can LinkedIn search any position at the C-suite executives level and you will be blown away by the number of woman profile pictures you will find! Add the extra benefit that I’m Caribbean-Canadian with naturally curly hair and John Smith (my job competition) doesn’t stand a chance against me during final interviews! Next time, try to check off more of those minority boxes on your job application, John! With all of this naturally bestowed luck I have, dressing the part while convincing strangers why they should give me a chance would just be over-kill.

I have a 4-year-old at home

We all know 4-year olds are remarkably self-sufficient and independent. They practically generate their own cash flow! That is, after you’ve bought them new running shoes (they grow so slowly so this is rare), paid for day care (just for those few times a year where I have to go to work or school) and bought food to pack their lunches (also rare, they don’t need much nutrients to survive). Plus, at this age they’ve mastered this magic trick where, somehow, all that loose change you had lying around just magically ends up in their little piggy bank! Don’t worry, it’s easy to break their hearts and sneak the money out when they’re not holding it for dear life or practicing counting how many coins they have…again!

Beginning the next chapter of my life, being fortunate enough to win the “Dress for Success” contest will mean one less stress to worry about. As much as I would appreciate the ability to revamp my business professional style and have a professional portfolio to match, I hope I’ve shown you how much I don’t need it!

*Alexis Rutty’s winning essay submission, unedited.