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6 restaurants near campus that are actually good
by David Ratcliffe | October 1, 2019

Why make food when you can buy it from professionals?

We all know full stomachs equal well-functioning brains. And well-functioning brains mean better grades. So if you care about your future, go out and get something to eat. I know what you’re thinking: “I have leftovers at home that I could pack.” But don’t kid yourself. You know that’s not what you want—you ate it yesterday. C’mon! Treat yourself.

Here are 6 restaurants close to Humber North, University of Guelph-Humber and Lakeshore that are actually worth it:

If you go to North campus or Guelph-Humber, try:

1. HOYA Sushi 

Location: 106 Humber College Blvd

assorted sushi rolls in a wooden boat

Sushi. Everyone’s favourite way to get their daily value of omega-3’s. Finding the right place to get your sushi fix is almost as important as finding a job. Let this be your new go-to spot.

HOYA Sushi doesn’t deviate from most other sushi restaurants. A quick browse of the menu and you’ll see all the usual suspects. Anyone looking for salmon and tuna won’t be disappointed. They’ve even got California rolls if you’re basic (shots fired). What differentiates HOYA is consistency. There is dependability when it comes to their quality of food that can’t be found at other sushi places. The menu isn’t outrageously big either which is positive. It means you’re less likely to get old food. Yuck.

It’s not going to have everything you want, but the sushi is decent and prices are affordable. They also have a 10% discount if you bring cash. We all know sushi isn’t cheap, so this is a great place to save some money if you’re at Humber North or UofGH.


2. Flava Ceen 

Location: 106 Humber College Blvd

“Welcome to Flavour Town” — Guy Fieri

An iconic phrase from a frosted-tipped bozo and the best way to describe Flava Ceen. My need for that rich blend of Caribbean spices is almost an addiction. And Flava Ceen is pushing the good stuff. You’ve got your staples: jerk chicken, oxtail and goat can all be found here. But wait, they didn’t stop there. The inspired minds at Flava Ceen have created a cultural Frankenstein. Listen to me: Jerk. Chicken. Lasagna. I feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs. The mere combination of those words causes me to salivate. This cheesy jerked, carb-fuelled treasure is something to be cherished. Eat it slowly, if you can.

If you like it spicy, they can ramp up the heat for you. If you have a delicate tongue, maybe bring some milk. An excellent place for students, you can find a meal here for as little as six bucks.


3. Wok of Asia 

Location: 6640 Finch Ave. W, Unit #7

sweet and sour chicken on a square plate

It’s a bit of a wok (I’m sorry) from North Campus, but it’s well worth the trip. Wok of Asia is a Hakka restaurant, which is an Indo-Chinese fusion. With a beautiful interior, the place has a great atmosphere to chill and talk. It’s also one of the best restaurants to pick up cheap eats between classes—you can get your fill here for around $10. If you’re a bubble tea monster who lives and breaths tapioca pearls, you can get your fix here too.

If you want to get the usual Chinese take-out, they got you. A good chicken ball can get rid of anyone’s hunger. If you’re looking for that Indo-Chinese fusion, I would suggest the Hakka fried rice or the Manchurian chicken noodles.

 If you go to Lakeshore, try:

4. The Empanada Company 

Location: 122 Fortieth St

The Empanada Company is tucked away on a side street beside Woody’s Burgers (also an incredible restaurant). The place offers traditional empanadas as well as their own tasty creations. Pulled pork, braised beef, and seafood are just a few of the options that this restaurant has to offer. They also sell mini bite-sized empanadas. You can share them, but you’ll most likely keep them all to yourself.

The item they’re known best for is their s’mores empanada. Made of vanilla pastry, this empanada is packed with bananas, graham crackers, and gooey Nutella. Finally, the empanada is topped with melted marshmallow. The restaurant is mostly standing room but if you wish to eat in, there’s a small bar along the window.


5. Super Burger 

Location: 3327 Lakeshore Blvd W

Juicy burger stacked high with toppings

For all the incredible diversity of food that this city is blessed with, sometimes you just feel like a greasy burger. Super Burger will hit that craving. This place is no-frills. It’s mostly standing room only. There are some exciting creations at Super Burger. They make an onion ring poutine. I want to try it but know I will probably hate myself after eating it. I’m sure I will fold soon. Embracing the darkness, I will dive headfirst into this gooey vortex of cheese, gravy, crispy onions and self-loathing.

The other must-try here is The Super Burger. Another artery clogger, this burger has mozzarella stuffed buns, with cheddar and bacon on the burger. You get a combo with Costco style fries and a drink for $11. It can get busy at lunch with a bunch of high school students vaping out front. So make sure to get here early if you’re in a rush.

6. Khao Gheng 

Location: 3583 Lake Shore Blvd W

Thailand is home to a sundry of unique flavours. When Nina Chaiwisescharoen and Rida Kongkaew came to Canada from Thailand, it was those flavours that they missed the most. Sure, we have Pad Thai and Khao Pad. But it’s those lesser-known home cooking dishes that Canada lacks. So they decided to start their own Thai street food restaurant. Nina and Rida serve up delectable meals that are unpretentious and are hard to find anywhere else.

If you are looking for the regular Thai favourites, they have that too. And it’s good. Their Tom Yum soup is hearty and perfect on a chilly fall day.

If you’re looking for something more unique, a must-try is the Pad Gra Prao Gai Kai Dao. In terms of street food, this is as authentic as it gets. Ask for it. Or you can be like me and point at the menu—I’m too scared to even attempt to pronounce it. An incredible mix of savoury, spicy and sour, this dish will have you leaning back in your chair. Make sure to ask for it hot if you want that authentic Thai experience.

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