6 feelings you get when graduating from college or university
by Kayzia Boilard | April 17, 2017

As we go on, we remember…

Graduating from college or university is a unique experience. It’s a time when you feel excited, sad, and everything in between; and that’s completely normal.

Here are 6 feelings we bet you’ll get on your graduation day:

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The ‘wow, that went by quickly’ feeling

When we first start school, we can’t help but think of how much time (and work) we have ahead of us before we actually graduate. We think that there’s literally an eternity between now and then. So when graduation comes, you’re bound to be hit with the feeling of shock at the fact that time has flown by and you’ve completed your program.


That ‘I’m proud of myself’ feeling

Graduating from college or university is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself! Let’s be honest, post-secondary school isn’t easy. Some things were tougher than expected along the way and you may have experienced moments of self-doubt, but when you graduate you get to look back on those tough times and say to yourself, ‘I did it’. And that is certainly something to be proud of.

Woman smiling, wearing graduation cap

That ‘I’m jealous of first year students’ feeling

This one is really two feelings, both jealousy and nostalgia. In your last year of college or university, it’s normal to see first year students and be jealous of the fact that they’ve got their whole post-secondary education ahead of them. You know how much fun they’re going to have, and it’s easy to think back on the great times you’ve had and be jealous of the younger crowd.

Reading glasses on open book

That ‘what do I do now?’ feeling

Though graduating is extremely exciting, it’s also a time when you worry about your future and that’s completely normal. Some of your friends will have graduation trips planned for the summer, and others will start working immediately, but it’s okay to take a minute to reflect on your life and decide what’s best for you. Try not to compare yourself to your peers. You don’t have to have a plan right away, and everything will work itself out when the time is right.

Man sitting, thinking

That ‘I’m so happy I went to school there’ feeling

This feeling is all about the things you’ve learned, the experiences you’ve had, and the friends that you’ve met along the way. While you’re in school, there are definitely challenging times, but when you graduate you get to look back on all the amazing people and experiences that you had at that school. You’ve hopefully grown to love the school that brought you and your friends together, and you’ll think to yourself, “I can’t even imagine having gone to another school.”

Friends sitting on grass with computers

The ‘this so bittersweet’ feeling

Last but not least (and probably the most relatable feeling of all) is that bittersweet feeling. For many people, their post-secondary years have been the best years of their lives (so far), which is why it’s completely normal to be so happy that they happened and yet so sad that they’re over. Throughout your time at college or university, you’ve grown as a person, met friends that will last a lifetime, and experienced things that you’ll never forget. If you’re really feeling sad, try to just cherish the memories and be happy that you were given the opportunity to go to school, it’s an experiences that you’ll look back on for the rest of your life.

Friends leaning on each other

One thing is for sure. Graduating from college or university stirs up all kinds of emotions. Whether you plan on going back to school after graduating your program or you’re looking to start working in your field of study, remember to take a moment to realize how far you’ve come and all that you’ve accomplished. Graduating college or university is a huge real and it’s definitely something that you should feel very proud of.

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