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6 clubs you can join on campus
by Norma Zminkowska | September 28, 2017

College and university life doesn’t have to only be about classes and marks.

Joining a club will give you the chance to explore campus life and make friends outside the classroom. It’s also a chance for you to sometimes get out of the work and school routine. Lucky for you, IGNITE has tons to offer.

Clubs Day at the North and Lakeshore campuses is right around the corner, so mark the day on your calendars because this is a great opportunity to see the clubs at your campus and meet the people that run them. Here are just some of the clubs to look out for:

Architecture Design Student Association (ADSA)

Humber's Architecture Design Student Association sketch and logo
Photo courtesy of ADSA Facebook page


This is one of those clubs that will look great on your resume. The Architecture Design Student Association (ADSA) at the North campus offers Co-Curricular Record (CCR) certified workshops, which means that you can develop skills that will be useful outside of the classroom. CCR-certified workshops are a great addition to job, internship, or even scholarship applications. Since the ADSA is geared towards aspiring architects, they frequently post contest opportunities for students that might want to submit their portfolios.

Through engaging and interactive workshops, the ADSA focuses on how our well-being is influenced by architecture. Their Lego building days and Sugar Structure Stress Busters (both open to all students) invite people to explore themselves and forget about school by creating things.

Pie Appreciation and Development Society (PADS)

Humber College Club Pie Society Logo

If you want an excuse to forget about your midterm marks and load up on comfort food, join the Pie Appreciation and Development Society. It was started in 2016 for North and GH students with the intention of welcoming a variety of students. They only meet once a month, and attendance isn’t mandatory, it’s just a chance to kick back and hang out with people that are passionate about pie.

Besides eating, the club may talk about related topics, like what constitutes as pie, and just play board games and watch movies.

The Dance Company

2016-17 Humber College's Dance Company posing on beach
Photo courtesy of Humber Dance Company Facebook page


The Humber Dance Company at the North campus is open to students of varied skill levels who love to dance. It’s made up of the performance team, the showcase team, and open classes. The performance team is open to students with a background in dance at intermediate or advanced levels, and those that want to develop the skills they have in styles like jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and tap.

The showcase team is intended for beginners with the passion for dance. There are no requirements for people that want to audition. Dancers will meet for practice once a week for an hour.

The Dance Company also hosts monthly open classes for anyone that wants to join, whether they’re part of the club or not. They’re free classes and a fun way to work out. Learn techniques in jazz or hip-hop, or stretch in one of their yoga classes in the Student Centre!

Strings & Things

Person playing guitar

If you have an instrument and are ready to jam, Strings & Things is for you. If you’re a North or GH student, feel free to drop in when you can. Don’t be scared; you don’t have to be the next guitar prodigy to join.

They offer a safe environment for collaboration where you can learn new skills from others and practice your instrument of choice. You may also be inspired to create your own pieces and share them with the group!

Check out their Facebook page for unique covers of popular songs.

HummPIRG (Humber Public Interest Research Group)

Humber College's HummPIRG (Humber Public Interest Research Group) logo
Photo courtesy of HummPIRG’s Facebook page


HummPIRG is geared towards International Development students at Lakeshore, but open to anyone who is interested in issues in local and international communities. Founded in 2013, their mission is to make the world better and fairer. One of their initiatives is to make Humber the first entirely fair trade-designated college in Ontario.

The organization hosts many events for you to voice your opinion in, like their presentation on the negatives of fast fashion. Interested in something unusual? HummPIRG also hosted an insect-eating workshop where they talked about the benefits of eating insects and the stigma around it.

If an issue has been burning in your mind all summer, HummPIRG is here to help you make a difference.

Lakeshore Anime & Gaming

Female anime figurine holding a guitar next to another anime figurine

Lakeshore Anime & Gaming is an inclusive club that recently expanded its focus to include not only anime fans, but also gamers. They hold weekly meetings for students that want to hang out while doing things like cosplaying.

If anime and Japanese snacks are your thing, check the Anime & Gaming club out. This is a big year for them as they’re looking to get sponsorship for gaming tournaments and plan club outings.

Visit their Twitter page because they post lots of updates and funny videos.

There are tons of other IGNITE clubs available for you to join. If you’re unsure about commitment, a lot of clubs either offer open events or don’t require steady attendance.

Are you a leader? Come to the Clubs Day on your campus to see how you can create your own club and share your vision with other students.