5 cool things you get with your Flexible Health Insurance
by Jamie Brackpool | September 23, 2016

Okay, we get that insurance can be boring, but hear us out, because it doesn’t have to be! There are many students who are unaware of IGNITE’s Health and Dental plan and even fewer are aware of what their insurance entitles them to.

Here are 5 cool things your insurance includes:

1. The Basic Three

Even if you know that IGNITE provides Humber and Guelph-Humber students with insurance, you may not know what that means exactly. The ‘Basic Three’ refers to the three main branches of the insurance plan; medical and prescription, dental, and vision. But wait, there’s more…

Bird's eye view of doctor typing on laptop with phone, keyboard, stethoscope, and papers on the desk

2. Laser Eye Surgery

Did you know that only 35% of all adults have 20/20 vision without glasses. If you are part of the other 65% and have ever considered laser eye surgery, now’s the perfect time to have it done, and your insurance plan can help! Many Humber programs prepare students for careers within fields that require 20/20 vision, such as pre-service firefighting education and police foundations, so those students will especially benefit from this. Sure, Clint Eastwood looks cool squinting, but it’s not always practical.

Clint Eastwood wearing a cowboy hat in a Western movie while squinting

3. Physiotherapy

Has the pain in your knee still not gone away after that sporting accident? Is your back still sore from a recent car accident or fall? Many people suffer from aches and pains which can last a lifetime without the proper treatment. Lucky for you, IGNITE’s insurance plan has you covered when it comes to physiotherapy.

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4. Naturopathy

Don’t know what naturopathy is? Naturopathy includes a number of medical practices such as homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, and diet and lifestyle counselling. These practices are natural alternatives to traditional treatments and are growing in popularity! Your insurance plan covers you if this is something you want to explore.

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5. Massages

Yup – you read that correctly! Humber and GH students are entitled to massages, which is the perfect way to relieve any aches and pains or to clear your mind. Come by our Health and Dental 101 Workshop for more details!

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There is much more that your health plan covers you for, but those are just a few of our favourites! Learn more about IGNITE’s Flexible Health Insurance Plan to find out what else you’re covered for!