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10 Things you need to get ready for Frosh
by Kayzia Boilard | September 15, 2016

With IGNITE Frosh just around the corner, we thought you could use a list of things to remember so that your day goes off without a hitch.

1. Plan your outfit(s)

So obviously we all want to look good – especially for a big event – but combining fashion and practicality is important too, right scholars? Wear something comfortable, appropriate for the weather, and if you’re going to the paint party, make sure you aren’t wearing something that will result in a call to your mom the next day asking how to get multi-colour stains out of your favourite shirt.

Dionne from Clueless TV show looks at her clothing rack rotate from left to right

2. Charge your phone

If you didn’t Snapchat it, did it even happen? These days we all want to show the world all the cool things that we’re up to, and since Frosh is going to be the best event of the year, make sure your phone is at 100% when you get there!

iPhone green battery icon fully charged green

3. Water bottle

Hydration is always key; but it’s especially important for Frosh. If you want to keep going all day, bring an empty water bottle to fill up at the free water stations that will be provided for you.

Dog drinking water from metal tap on a cement wall outside

4. Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is always a good idea, and when the sun is out at Frosh you’ll be glad you brought your sunglasses along. P.S. if you’re attending paint party this is even more crucial-don’t want paint in your eyes.

The Breakfast Club character adjusts his black sunglasses in class

5. Sunscreen

You may be back in school, but that doesn’t mean the hot weather and sunshine is gone! Take a few minutes to put some sunscreen on before heading to Frosh to protect your skin and avoid a sunburn.

Kim Kardashian's selfie with sunglass sunburn on her face

6. Transportation and route plan

Knowing where you’re going and how you’ll be getting from point a to point b will save you time¬†and potentially money.¬†Plan when you’ll be going to the event, and how you’ll be getting there, because paying for a last minute cab is costlier than taking the bus.

Over the shoulder shot of a person pointing to a spot on a map

7. Money

Having money on you is crucial for several reasons, including for transportation and food. Do yourself the favour of having cash on hand, especially since there will be food trucks on site, and we all know ignoring the savoury scent of fresh food is impossible. P.S there will also be an ATM on site, in case you forget.

Black and white photo of Kanye West rapping

8. Frosh Friends’ Phone Numbers

Attending an all day party means being in a large crowd, and losing your pals is sometimes inevitable, so make sure you have your friends’ digits!

Close up of three hands typing on black cell phones

9. Familiarize yourself with Frosh event details

Check out the IGNITE Frosh 2016 schedule, DJ lineup, ticket pricing and more to make sure you’re in the know!

10. Have your ticket purchased and ready

Last but not least, and probably most important, don’t forget to buy your ticket and have it printed or readily available on your phone to show at the entrance.

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun!