IGNITE Your Choice
IGNITE Your Choice

Welcome to IGNITE.

We’re your student union on campus that’s here to take your school experience to the next level.

For instance, we understand that going to school is a full-time job and can be extremely stressful. That’s why we provide dozens of different services, programs, and events to help calm your nerves and open you up to new opportunities.

Apply for emergency funding to help pay the bills, use our Sleep lounge so you can catch up on your beauty sleep, and chow down on a handcrafted lunch at our pay-what-you-can Soupbar. By choosing IGNITE, you’re choosing to make YOUR student life more affordable and enjoyable.

See below for all of the other amazing things we offer and shape the world YOU want to live in.


An infographic that reads: "55% of women and 43% of men have trouble falling asleep. We have a Sleep Lounge. Students spend $18.75 per day on food. We have a pay-what-you-can Soupbar. $26,000 is the average student debt following graduation. We have financial assistance programs. Average concert ticket price is $94. We have budget-friendly events like Frosh."

The Fees

Your Student Leadership Opportunities

Express yourself, pursue your passions and take charge of your student experience.

Break out of your comfort zone and develop leadership skills by joining or creating an on-campus club that meets your interests. Advance your skills and meet new people. Whether you’re into improving your academic experience, board games, dancing or exploring new cultures (or celebrating your own)!

Cost: $2.25


Your Student Union Advocating for Your Rights

Protecting your rights and fighting for an affordable and inclusive student life.

Fighting to make your student life more affordable, comfortable and inclusive. Includes electing and training your student leaders and being your voice when it comes to Humber, University of Guelph-Humber and government decisions that impact your life. Some of the past successful initiatives that IGNITE executives have successfully advocated for include:

  • Fall Reading Break for both UofGH and Humber students
  • free emergency menstrual kits on campus
  • reduction in the mandatory administrative services fee

Cost: $9.50


Events and Social Opportunities to Make Your Student Life Unforgettable

Take your student experience from ordinary to extraordinary with the most exciting events of the year.

Planning and executing the biggest and most exciting events of the year both on and off- campus. Make new friends and memories at Frosh, E-Sports tournaments, and even in our games room!

Cost: $22.00


Your Future Success

Providing experiential opportunities and skills development to help you maximize your potential.

Student placements and mentorship opportunities to set you up for success following graduation. Workshops and training to develop the skills you’ll need to ensure you’re top of mind with your dream employer.

Cost: $8.00


Your Investment in Student Financial Support

Financial support for your fellow students whose access to education is at risk.

Financial relief for students in emergency situations.

Cost:  $10.45