Campus Life

Professional Photos – Lakeshore

Need some good headshots for LinkedIn?

Wednesday, Mar 22 | 11:00AM

Lakeshore Campus Student Centre (K Building)


Pop quiz! In your current LinkedIn photo, are you:

  1. wearing a bathing suit
  2. holding a red solo cup
  3. at least five years younger than you are now
  4. all of the above

Then do we have the event for you! On Wednesday March 22nd in the Lakeshore Campus Student Centre, we’ll be taking professional photos for use on your LinkedIn page, your resume, or your Tinder profile wherever you need a pic to prove your professional cred.

Don’t forget to dress to impress (i.e. leave the Fetty Wap shirt at home).

This event takes place is a wheelchair accessible location. Looking for the North Campus Professional Photoshoot?