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How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents

Wednesday Nov. 13 | 12:30pm – 2:30pm
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If you’ve moved out of your parent’s house for school and you don’t want to lose your independence, this talk is for you. If you are still living in your parent’s house and plotting your escape, this talk is also for you.

On November 13th IGNITE will be hosting a lunch and learn about finances with Rob Carrick. He will be discussing his new book and offer tips for students on how to get ahead in life.

Rob Carrick of The Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s most trusted and widely read financial experts. His latest book is the first by anyone to target financial advice specifically at young adults graduating from university or college and moving into the workforce, into the housing market and into family life. Financial beginners, in other words.

Carrick offers what can only be described as a wealth of information, on the full life cycle of financial challenges and opportunities young people face, including saving for a post-secondary education and paying off student debts, establishing a credit rating, basic banking and budgeting, car and home buying, marriage and raising children of their own, and insurance.

He even recognizes that in these difficult times, moving back in with the folks is sometimes a short-term necessity. So there is a section devoted to such important questions as: Should your parents be charging you rent? For that and many thousands of dollars’ worth of other reasons, this is a book that every parent needs to buy for each of their kids, plus one for themselves.

The event will take place in GH202 at 12:30pm.

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