Humber Caribbean Students Association

Humber Caribbean Students Association’s purpose is to create a space which enables students to feel confident in being Caribbean etc. We need to have pride in being Humber students within the Humber community and have an outlet to channel ideas to safely express that feeling.

The Humber Caribbean Students Association (HCSA) is a student volunteer and community oriented organization. The association acts as a body on behalf of the Caribbean student population at Humber College. The HCSA was formed with the key objective to unite Caribbean students at Humber and the surrounding community to create a place of belonging and a place where ideas can be freely expressed.

Our mandate embodies a mission that seeks to cultivate a spirit of unity, community and empowerment within the Caribbean community by centralizing the objectives, motives and efforts of Caribbean students into an organized, collectivist, student/ community federation.

Through effective programs and events, we seek to expose the entire Humber College Community to the many facets of Caribbean life so that they too can feel a part of or experience the feeling of being in Caribbean community. All members of the college, whether of Caribbean descent or not, are welcome to our organization. Get initiated! Get lively! Get involved!

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