Tashornna Simpson


As a board member, what would be most important to you?
Setting-up the organization for future success.

What relevant experience and qualifications do you have for the role?
1. Certified individual in Time Management, Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement.

2. Extensive knowledge of Leadership Skills which is certified by my place of work and school (The Student Leadership Acadamey Program, The First Year Experience Program and The Bridge Program)

3. Certified individual in The Emotional Intelligence Certificate Series

Why are you the ideal candidate?
1. I am vibrant people person
2.My people person personality affords me the priviledges and plessure of being an active listener who loves to listen and values the views and opinion of every individual
3. I am a dependable person when I say I'll get it done. I will do all that is in my power to ensure that the required job is completed in a timely manner.
4. Proactive; I find fulfilment in preparing ahead in order to be prepared for the unexpected.