Mushfiq Mawla


As a board member, what would be most important to you?
Gathering feedback from students.

What relevant experience and qualifications do you have for the role?

    [PLATFORM STATEMENT: A.C.T. to Serve and Support Students]


  • Accountability: I accept the obligation to be held responsible for my actions and my decisions as a member of the board on behalf of the students of Humber.
  • Communication: I participate in the process by which valuable information is exchanged between the college administration and the students of Humber.
  • Transparency: I raise awareness, visibility, and accessibility for all the useful services and support resources available on campus for the students of Humber.


  • Student Ambassador: I work with the department of Student Recruitment to contact prospective students and encourage them to apply to Humber. I also give tours of the campus and residence to approved students to encourage them to confirm their offer to Humber.
  • Peer Mentor: I volunteer with the department of Student Success and Engagement to help new students transition into the post-secondary lifestyle at Humber through the First Year Experience.
  • Peer Mentor Plus: I also volunteer with the department of Student Success and Engagement to help advertise and promote events on campus to increase student participation and turnout.

Why are you the ideal candidate?

  • Insurance Plan: I support the physical health of all students no matter what your personal needs may be and I want to promote the health and dental plan that is perfect for you.
  • Tuition Bursaries: I support the increased reallocation of funding to student bursaries because this helps put your money right back into your hands.
  • Financial Relief: I support the current program for financial relief because short-term and confidential assistance is the best solution when unforeseen problems and emergencies arise.
  • Game’s Room: I support the space where students can go to relieve some stress on campus and meet lots of friendly new students while playing Pool, Foosball, and Video Games.
  • Sleep Lounge: I support the space where students can go take a quick nap on campus before they have to attend a lecture, complete a difficult assignment, or embark on a long commute.