Margarita Bader


As a board member, what would be most important to you?
Setting-up the organization for future success.

What relevant experience and qualifications do you have for the role?
As a second-year student I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Student Life in the following areas:

    Senior Peer Mentor at First Year Experience

  • Reaching out to students & providing resources to them, being a mentor, planning and executing events, facilitating workshops
    Leadership Assistant at Student Leadership Academy

  • Helping students grow into strong leaders at Humber, facilitating leadership sessions, volunteering at various events such as the Path 1 Leadership Conference and Path 3 Leadership Retreat
    Senior Orientation Leader

  • Welcoming over 1000 new students to Humber, making a positive impact on students by introducing them to Humber's resources, managing a group of students
    I’ve spent the past year working closely with a diverse range of students and hope to continue making a difference in the year to come.

Why are you the ideal candidate?
You need me on the Board of Directors because I am engaged, passionate and can effectively represent OUR college.

  • I am engaged and resourceful. I want to use my knowledge of the Humber culture to continue creating a sense of inclusion on campus.
  • I am passionate about student empowerment, I believe every student will have a successful journey at Humber with me leading the way for change.
  • I am a strong believer in communicating Humber’s many resources to students, creating new ones, as well as continue to implement changes overall to reflect our student population.