Maheen Nazim

Vice President

What is your vision for a better IGNITE?
My vision for a better IGNITE and a better GH looks like this...
1. ACCESSIBILITY: Wouldn't an IGNITE app that can show you course updates, real-time parking, and upcoming student events be amazing?
2. FLEXIBILITY: Summer Placement Opportunities and less repetitive courses sound great to me!
3. #STUDENTVOICEMATTERS: That's right! I want YOU to be involved in my campaign.

Go to to submit your misgivings about the campus, so I can bring up your issues too... the best part is, 3 lucky people will win a $10 gift card for telling me their thoughts! Easy Peesy.

Why is this important?
I believe these three things are important because it allows the students at Guelph-Humber to live their fast-paced lives more efficiently and easily.

Why would you be a good vice president?
I'd be a good Vice-President because I am here to make change. I want every person to feel important, valued and like they got the best education and money here at Guelph-Humber.