Layna Lubimiv

Vice President

What is your vision for a better IGNITE?
My vision is contribute my being to enhance and highlight the Ignite vision to continue a force of empowerment, advocacy, discovery and openness with the Humber student body. Improving Ignite, to me, would be to focus on supporting communication between students and their programs, Ignite with students, and Ignite with Humber. Improving student union support would look like providing mental wellness events and resources, implementing more opportunities for students to have experiential and networking opportunities further on campus, advocating for our initiatives within the school community to exemplify sustainability efforts through all daily practices, and representing the voice for all of Lakeshore campus through actively listening to students in their spaces at school as they actively live their lives.

Why is this important?
This is important because I find there could always be improvements in supporting our student community for their mental wellness as well as success in school. Building student relationships is integral in the student union’s success and I wish for school to be a place that student’s feel their skills, talents, interests, hobbies, and career path can contribute to and be supported by the overall success of Ignite’s mission to empower students. Students deserve to have a space to feel part of a community during their time at school, and to be recognized while at school for what they have the capacity to contribute.

Why would you be a good vice president?
I can fulfill the Vice president role because I have been involved on campus for almost 3 years and know the organization of Ignite well to represent and educate students on the services, resources and events offered while modifying services to meet student needs. My positions giving me the opportunity to work with students at Humber was so exciting and empowering for me, that I chose to co-found Nature Club this past year. Creating a community of students outdoors, providing free healthy food and promoting mental wellness have all solidified that I wish to take my initiative up a notch to tend to the best interest of the Lakeshore Campus student body. I am an active listener, I am passionate, resourceful, creative, and curious, all qualities I hope my peers would value from me if I were to be voted in.