Kuljeet Singh

Vice President

What is your vision for a better IGNITE?

  • Ignite is shaping the future leaders, inspiring the folks to be aware citizens and I believe it will continue to do same in future also.
  • Ignite is doing outstanding work in Humber and it will spread its circle beyond the Humber Community also.
  • Number of students who are benefited directly or indirectly by IGNITE will increase.
  • Every school of Humber will have its representatives in it.
  • Gap between executives and students will lower to zero. No one will hesitate to participate in the feedback and improvement process.
  • IGNITE will be one the most organised, diverse and strongest student organisation in Canada.

Why is this important?

  • Only those who are aware and adaptable towards their surroundings can survive in this modern progressive world. Ignite is the best stage to shape yourself according to your environment.
  • Due to work done in locality or municipality; if Ignite gets recognised on national level and thus there will more resources for student welfare
  • If students learn to ask questions and give remarks to their student government today; it will be very helpful in future as they will be aware citizens who can ask the accountability provincial or federal govt.

Why would you be a good vice president?

  • My vision encourages me to make strong decisions and my determination boosts me to prove my decisions right.
  • I give equal importance to both hard work and smart work. And this is my way of working. Spend 60% of time in planning and rest in implementing it.
  • Thus, do common things in uncommon way leading to excellence.
  • I like spending as much time collecting and acting upon feedback as I do providing it.