Kevin Siery


As a board member, what would be most important to you?
Setting-up the organization for future success.

What relevant experience and qualifications do you have for the role?

  • I possess strong skills in communication and leadership
  • I currently work as a constituency assistant for a member of parliament, advocating for people rights
  • I am very active in the Justice Studies department and a dedicated member of our school
  • I volunteer on a pilot program for the Toronto Police Services, assisting with research and development, and risk management
  • Have held a variety of other roles with the majority being supervisory positions
  • Extensive volunteering in many communities in different capacities
  • Many past positions have required me to evaluate my own team which would be an asset should I be elected to this role

Why are you the ideal candidate?
There are many reasons why I am the best fit for your GH Board of Directors:

  • Accountability, Leadership, Approachable, Honesty, Integrity, Strong Work Ethic
  • My experience in positions similar to this, prove I would be a capable and accountable leader as I am in the community
  • I have shown an increasing amount of dedication and involvement at the school over the last few years, by participating more frequently, as well as holding positions around the school
  • Personally I have a vision of not only improving the school in the present but to evaluate and grow the school for years to come
  • I am a very approachable person with many experiences which will allow me to help people and to promote the welfare of the student body