Kendrick Tran


As a board member, what would be most important to you?
Setting-up the organization for future success.

What relevant experience and qualifications do you have for the role?
I have a ton of relevant experience. I am currently the Academic Program Rep for the Media Studies program here at GH. I started and am currently running a high noted club on campus called UGH Productions for all students wanting to broaden their opportunities. Those are simply examples of my experience just on Campus. Back in Highschool, I was very active and school spirited individual I ran several clubs, was part of many committees and most importantly maintained good standing with the staff and entire student body. Though the Highschool experience may sound very broad. This experience not only shows my resilience, motivation, and dedication the experience of the students and staff, but it also shows my ability to be a leader and take in what others want and need to see. Adding on to that, I have also gained a ton of retail experience throughout the years all while juggling school and organizations such as this one. So that in itself not only shows how capable of time management but also entails my skills in communication and providing what is needed from me.

Why are you the ideal candidate?
So overall, I think I am the ideal candidate not only for everything that is stated above. I think I am the ideal candidate because I am friendly, approachable, a hard-working student that will is open to all changes, no matter that is in my personality, or in the things I am passionate about. Thus if there is anything that you want to see changed, I will work my hardest to advocate for it.