Joshua Anthony Davenport

Vice President

What is your vision for a better IGNITE?
My vision if elected to represent IGNITE, is to create a method in which students can find easier ways in communicating with one another, through IGNITE I would like to bring to life this vision, allowing a better and stronger community within Humber. Communication is key in all relationships and I Believe more of it is needed to create a better Humber.

Why is this important?
Why is communication important? Because the basis of any strong relationship needs communication, without it nothing can thrive or flourish. Too many students whether they be first year or final semester, feel disconnected from the Humber community and I Believe my role in IGNITE can be the tinder that lights the flame towards a better connection.

Why would you be a good vice president?
From as early as my childhood I have always had struggles. Throughout these struggles those around me always fed me negativity. I was told that I wouldn't be able to pass because of my learning disability, I was told I wouldn't be able to lose weight,I was told I wouldn't be able to find a job. But I never let my limitations stop me, instead I used them as fuel to leap forward. I know I would be a good Vice President because I understand what it means to give it your all. I speak as one of the average students attending Humber, who feel that Humber is a great school, but can do better, and be better. Humber needs a Candidate that understands the true meaning of struggle and how to rise above it.