Jeremy Largo Afonso

Vice President

What is your vision for a better IGNITE?

  • Implement a yearly cultural arts and creativity show event for all ethnicities to express themselves within the Humber community towards a peaceful and endearing environment.
  • Revised guidelines for contract professors and instructors to participate more actively during classes and provide testing on covered material only or have another substitute instructor take over the lesson in order to not inconvenience students.
  • Increased study room space and lounge areas to accommodate larger population of students within the Humber North campus.

Why is this important?
Having consulted everyone who signed my nomination papers, these topics were the most asked for and demanded. These issues highlight the key aspects of what makes a good school community what it is.

Why would you be a good vice president?

  • I'm a fun, eccentric and easy going guy overall, but I'll never compromise when it comes to student satisfaction at school.
  • I know how hard school can be, and I want there to be a smooth, enjoyable experience whilst furthering their career ambitions.
  • Having had the honor and prestige of sitting beside and working with professionals in my classes, I was able to gain a vast understanding of the student population, their social needs, and how I can tie my business experience into helping out with it all.
  • I think that the grilled cheese sandwich is arguably one of the best sandwich choices of all time.