Graham Budgeon

Vice President

What is your vision for a better IGNITE?
IGNITE must be adaptable, with the ability to be as responsive to each individual student concern as possible. I see IGNITE as an organization that is capable of achieving: 1. Easing daily student burdens (finances, housing, mental health) 2. Protecting the rights of students (strike relief, academic advocacy) 3. Enhancing students personal passions & fields (start-ups, projects, opportunities, services) 4. Communicating to create Community (targeting resource centres, send information via MyHumber or Blackboard, use location services, etc) My vision for a better IGNITE is one in which these 4 pillars operate symbiotically, effectively, and work in each students favour.

Why is this important?
This is absolutely crucial to the Lakeshore Campus as it allows:
1. A student union to physically help each student
2. An easier, more enjoyable life at Humber
3. A sense of Community/School Pride to be created
4. Students to be in the know

Why would you be a good vice president?
I believe I would make a great Vice President as leadership is my passion, I love working hard, and my ultimate goal in life is to help people. I hope students can recognize how:
1. Being a current IGNITE Board Director has educated me on IGNITE logistics, and has allowed me to think critically on what would bring about feasible, long-lasting, positive change.
2. Being a Peer Mentor with FYE, the Co-President of the Sustainability Club, among other co-curriculars serves as my commitment to Leadership, helping students, and being organized and effective in doing so.
3. My program choice, International Development, allows me to have a high degree of ethics in any given job I do. I want to be real and equal to the students I help and the job I'd do.