Camila Ruiz Tacha


I would like to advocate for more scholarships for International, out of province and domestic students. Not enough financial aid is provided to international and out of province students, thus the need for more funding for these students. OSAP is being jeopardized, therefore, more student grants should be available for domestic students. Advocate for more accessibility projects. more ramps around campus, especially around the cottages. additional Accessible/Gender Neutral washrooms in all Humber Buildings, as they currently do not exist in cottages D, E and G. The possibility of a partnership with the City of Toronto to help clear sidewalks during the winter season. Continuing to promote the importance of mental health and self-care. As college students, Mental Health is very important, and therefore it is critical to not only advocate to stop the stigma that exists around it, but to support those students who have any mental health issues. In connection with Mental Health, it is important to promote self-care, and therefore provide events in which can allow students to take a breather from the stress of academics, and out-of-school life.

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