Allisa Lim


What is your vision for a better IGNITE?
My vision to better IGNITE is increasing opportunities on campus and expanding the menstrual hygiene project. I will advocate ensuring that students have a vast variety of equal opportunities on campus to become involved. This can be done by creating opportunities in academics, student leadership, increase experience and student involvement. I will work to expand the Menstrual Hygiene project that serves to support students with financial needs, free products to use and breaking the stigma. I will expand the project by; ensuring that it is permanent, free dispensers and offer a larger variety of items for student use.

Why is this important?
By increasing opportunities; It allows students to find a voice or a meaningfulness on campus. It is first important to increase opportunities for the student to advocate and voice their thoughts and concerns towards their academics and program. Next, increasing opportunities for student leadership and involvement on campus to increase experiences.

I believe that it is important to expand the Menstrual Hygiene project to ensure that there is action to relieve student financial needs. There is action needed to ensure that the project is improved to suit all student needs. This can be done through free dispensers and incorporating a larger selection of useful items for students.

Why would you be a good president?
I am currently the Vice President of IGNITE for the Lakeshore campus. During my position, I was capable of achieving a number of items. I was able to complete and launch my platform for free Menstrual Hygiene products on campus with great feedback. As well as advocate on behalf of students for representation on academics. I have made countless efforts to ensure that every student concern or issue was addressed and advocated for.

I believe that I am capable of leading the executive to achieve every goal that is set for the year. I have the passion to ensure that everything I do as President will accomplish student priorities.