Hey Guelph-Humber students, let’s talk about Fall Reading Break.

Do you want one? Or are you okay without one? We want to know!

At this time a majority of Universities and Colleges in Ontario have Fall Reading Breaks ranging from 2-5 days. Thanks to IGNITE’s advocacy, in October of 2016, Humber College had it’s first-ever Fall Reading Break. Now IGNITE wants to see if Guelph-Humber students would want us to advocate on their behalf for a Fall Reading Break.

Please complete the survey below or read on to learn more before making your decision to tell us if you’d be in favour of a Fall Reading Break or not.

What does your vote mean?

This vote will let us know if Guelph-Humber students want a Fall Reading Break. If the survey findings reveal that most students are in favour of a Fall Reading Break, IGNITE will begin the process of trying to implement these changes.

Please understand that this vote is not a referendum. This means that just because students vote in favour of a break, it does not necessarily mean that the University of Guelph-Humber will approve a Fall Reading Break. It means that IGNITE will advocate on your behalf. Implementing big changes takes time and approvals from a lot of people.

The decision-making process at Guelph-Humber:

infographic of GH Reading Week Approval stages

What are the benefits of a Fall Reading Break?

Mental health is the primary goal in advocating for a Fall Reading Break. Studies have increasingly shown that the stress that college and university students are under is severe and there is evidence that a break is beneficial in helping alleviate some of these rising mental health concerns. A study from the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) showed that 50% of Ontario students have faced more than an average amount of stress in the last 12 months and that 29% have had their final grades or exam scores affected by anxiety.

As colleges and universities across the country increasingly focus on the mental well-being of students, most Ontario post-secondary institutions have implemented Fall Reading Breaks. While IGNITE believes it’s time to follow their lead, we want to hear from you first.

What are the drawbacks?

The first drawback is that a Fall Reading Break may cause your current academic schedule to change either by starting the semester’s classes earlier or ending them later than usual.

The second drawback is that the process is a lengthy one and, as mentioned above, would likely take several years to approve, or may not be approved at all.

We want to hear your thoughts

The GH Fall Reading Break Survey is now closed. Thanks for participating!