5 reasons to see Drex Jancar: Manager of OVO Clothing, OVO fest, and artist Majid Jordan

by Neetika Chohan

By now, OVO Fest has become one of the most popular music festivals in the world, annually attracting thousands of people to Toronto.

Founded by musical artist Drake in 2010, it has grown in size and musical talent, featuring such artists as Rihanna, J.Cole, and Kanye West. Although most people attribute the success of OVO to Drake, there are many hardworking people behind the scenes that make this brand the success it is! One of these people is Drex Jancar, a native Torontonian who has been a big part of our city’s music scene since 2006. Currently the Director of OVO Fest, Co-founder and CFO of Remix Project and Manager of artist Majid Jordan, Drex Jancar is clearly a man of great ambition.

Drex will be one of the speakers at IGNITE Real Talks on October 19. Here are some reasons you should definitely hear his talk.

1. Started from the bottom…

Anyone looking for an inspirational story about small businesses making it big? Then look no further then Drex Jancar! He has an impressive resume of innovative ventures that have been very success. One of his most notable start-ups included the Remix Project, a non-profit organization launched in 2006 out of Toronto. This small organization helps at-risk Toronto youth by providing them with skills to thrive in the field of creative arts. In a short time, this venture grew to accommodate more students and even expanded to the city of Chicago. It is a testament to the hard-work and dedication that Drex and his colleagues sustained that led to such success and expansion.

Drake dancing in a grocery aisle with confetti falling from the ceiling.

2. Self-made man

We’re all in school learning the right skills and knowledge that will hopefully lead us to successful careers. Drex’s success in management, finance, and coordination, among other skills can be attributed to his determination to learn from the situations that required such insight. It’s a lesson for all students to never allow any barriers from preventing them from trying something new.

Bunny pushing through barrier.

3. First Hand Experience With Mental Health

Drex has been public about the mental health experiences he’s faced in his own life and within his non-profit, The Remix Project. He understands the stigma associated with this condition and feels its an important subject of discussion. It’s impressive to see someone within the music industry candidly discuss this matter and its importance.

Old man sitting down with tears rolling down his face.

4. Drake used to practice at The Remix Project

The roots of Drake’s musical career partially extend into the halls of The Remix Project, for which Drex is a co-founder. In fact, Drake is said to have visited numerous times to develop the work that would eventually lead to his mega stardom. A great place to check out for all you Drake fans!

5. Musically Talented

Although Drex may be better known for his management expertise, he isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight, showcasing his musical talent with his album City to City, which was released in 2010.

The Pokemon, Jigglypuff singing with a microphone.

We hope to see you at IGNITE’s Real Talks in the LRC at North Campus on October 19th where Drex Jancar’s talk will preceed Bryyan Jackson’s – who is a Speaker and Mental Health Activist!